How to create a website

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In the beginnings of the Internet and Digital Marketing, the paths on how to create a website were titanic tasks that very few people could execute, among other things, because they required knowledge of programming languages (such as HTML) and mastery of programs to create and manage images.

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A website is a set of pages arranged on an Internet server and accessed from a domain.  Just as a house has furniture such as a sofa, a closet, a table and a bed, a website consists of pages containing text, images, graphics and videos, among other resources.

A website can have several objectives, ranging from online visibility to sales.  In the case of businesses, it can be used for both of these purposes: to gain greater reach on the Internet, to the point of strengthening the brand and thus increasing the chances of selling more.

Every time a person visits a website, they access it through a URL, that is, the address of the page that comes after HTTP or HTTPS (if it is a secure website, which is the most recommended). After that, you will be shown the contents of the website hosted on a server and organized in its database.

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Creating a sitemap is another of the basic steps of a website, this is nothing more than determining which sections your website should include and what subsections will exist within them. The most practical for this is to take a piece of paper and a pen and start creating a list. Once you have the list you can start working on what each page and sub-page should include.

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Creating a list of keywords should be focused on how your visitors or customers would search for your company’s products/services, and based on this select the most significant words to develop the content of the page.

Once you have a clear idea of how your potential customers search for you, it is important to start creating the information for each section of your page, use the keywords in a natural way, a language that your visitors will use and a precise description of each part of the business. A tip that can help you a lot is to first work on all the sections of your page and leave the information of the home page at the end (this should be a concrete summary of your entire page).

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Few people know about programming and those who want to have a website, generally hire developers to perform this task. Of course this is a good idea, especially if you are able to invest in this type of service.

The website of a company or professional is a digital address that presents to the visitor its services, differential elements, set of products, contact forms and other information.

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Except for the contact page, all the others are not made to stimulate an interaction on the website, but serve to lead the visitor to another point of sale or to initiate a relationship with the professional.

Having a website is an excellent way to reach potential customers and even maintain a relationship with your customers. This happens because you can make your website a showcase for people to get to know your products/services and, mainly, for them to understand your brand, your values as a company and know exactly what you have to offer.

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