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Are you one of those who hear the word phrasal verbs and shudder? We understand. Learning how phrasal verbs work is one of the biggest challenges for anyone trying to improve the language. They are one of the most hated and feared aspects in equal parts by English learners, since it is very difficult to learn them all and yet it is very easy to make a mistake, since the same phrasal verb can have more than one meaning.

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Come is one of the most common phrasal verbs and its use in songs, series and movies makes it one of the most known expressions in English, so you should know the 12 essential phrasal verbs with come that you need to know, especially for a party.

Meaning: happen, happen, go on, go on, last, go on, continue, rely on, criticize someone continuously, start doing something after doing something else…Better read the examples of these 10 phrasal verbs with go to be left over. If you say Go on with, it means that whatever happens, you have to stick to the plan.

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A prepositional verb (also called phrasal verb or multi-word verb, or MWV ) is, in English, a compound verb formed by the combination of a verb and a grammatical particle, that is, an adverb or a preposition, or even by a verb followed by an adverb and a preposition.

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Now that we know what it is all about, here is a list of the 150 most common and essential Phrasal Verbs, along with their translation and an example to make it clearer, which together with the 203 colloquial expressions in English will help you achieve that fluency in Shakespeare’s language that you desire so much. Stop being afraid of the most «complicated» part of English, mastery is in the practice.

And now also a list of phrasal verbs in PDF and the best Phrasal Verbs books available! If you want you can download our list of Phrasal Verbs in PDF just by subscribing to our newsletter at the end of the post or buy any Phrasal Verbs book to expand the knowledge of this post.

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There are a huge number of phrasal verbs in English, and the best way to really learn them is to use them orally. Try an online English conversation class with one of our native English teachers via Skype.

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