Learn english by listening

Learn english by listening

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How to learn English through listening? With ABA English you can learn the language through self-produced short films, filmed by native speakers. You can learn American English by listening from day one. And, of course, also the British accent.

Listening to English is one of the most complicated tasks, but at the same time one of the activities through which you learn the most. The more we accustom our ears to English, the better we will be able to understand it.

Learning English by listening to movies is an effective way. With ABA English courses, based on short films depicting everyday life situations, you will awaken your natural instinct to learn English in an intuitive and effortless way. The ABA Films are recorded by native speakers, so you can learn British English by listening as well as American.

Learning English by listening and speaking is very useful. You can learn by listening to yourself with its unique voice recognition technology. Listen, record and compare allows you to speak and pronounce English correctly like a native speaker. First you listen to a native English speaker and then record yourself trying to imitate him or her. You can do this process as many times as necessary until your pronunciation resembles native English.

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Humans learn to speak by listening, it's our brain's way of integrating language. Listening to English with different formats and supports is a great way to learn vocabulary, to improve your listening comprehension and to appropriate the most used grammatical structures.

Thanks to the Internet and new technologies, today we have a multitude of free listening resources that allow us to listen to and understand English with a British, American or other accent without leaving home. Radio stations, television and a multitude of online media will help us to continue improving our level at the same time that we follow the news.

Two reference media in the sector. The BBC puts a very British accent on current affairs while CNN is a very good option to follow international current affairs fluently with a more American English.

Traditional books and theoretical supports prepare you to get the basics of a language, especially in written form, but most of the time they are not enough for you to know all the possible topics of the world and for all the ways in which people speak.

Free english courses

There are many ways to listen to things in English to learn little by little and, in this article, we will talk about some of them and how we can optimize these opportunities to get the most out of them.

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Some of these applications are also able to evaluate the way we speak English, so let's not miss the opportunity to use this kind of tools for learning the language.

We should not worry if we do not master the language well, as we could just ask some questions about a certain topic and pay attention to the way others answer, remembering pronunciation, accents and body expressions.

Once we have listened to and read an audiobook several times, we will be able to listen to the audio while doing any daily task and we will surely understand the whole story.

If you are wondering where to listen to English words with different accents you can go on platforms like YouTube and search, for example, "Australian English", by doing this, you will see many channels and videos about this type of English intonation.

Easy english for everyone

It's just the way native English speakers say the phrase "Understanding English is kind of hard sometimes, you know what I mean? ("Understanding English can be hard sometimes, you know what I mean?").

First we'll dig into the importance of listening, then we'll share some tips for practicing listening skills effectively. To sum things up, we'll look at how to put these tips into action with different resources (such as native speakers, podcasts, audiobooks, TV series and movies).

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Studies show that listening is the most used competence of learners. Listening is important, not only for communication, but also plays an important role in learning.

If listening is present in students' lives at all levels of educational development, why should it be any different for learning a language?  Working on your listening skills should be part of the effort to learn English.

As you develop the skills necessary to listen effectively, the feedback you will receive during your participation as a language listener will help you correct errors and increase your motivation to continue learning, as well as help you become more confident in using the language.

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