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Free nom-035 word questionnaire

Get immediate results and analyze them, identify the psycho-social risk factors in your workplace and promote a favorable organizational environment for employees and thus comply with the «Norma Oficial Mexicana 035-STPS-2018».

Our system is based on the guidelines established by NOM035, the results you get will be 100% attached to the parameters established by the standard, so when applying the questionnaires with 035Virtual you will be sure to do it right.

If you have already read NOM-035 but do not know how to carry it out, you can watch the following tutorial for its implementation, we have developed a «step by step» for you to implement the standard in your workplaces.

035 Virtual is a completely online system, filling out the questionnaires can be done easily from any computer, tablet or smartphone with internet access, the results are recorded at the time each questionnaire is completed. REGISTER YOUR COMPANY AND START NOW.

Smart 035

In short, it will allow you to have a digital file with each and every one of the files or documents that you may require to comply with NOM-035-STPS-2018, and for any other necessary safety or occupational risk prevention protocol.

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Developing a horizontal relationship not only favors this type of cases, in which we seek to address psychosocial risk factors. It also contributes to brand building, empathy and commitment among all employees.

To measure this, companies can use assessment software to identify the competencies and skills of their employees and, in turn, identify weaknesses and strengths. The HR appraisal module is an easy-to-use tool, obtaining both individual and group results to facilitate decision making.

With an HR software for nom 035, not only can you have access to a perfect document management with digital file on any day. No need to be in the office. In addition to making the day-to-day work of the human resources department easier.

035 online

By identifying the areas of opportunity within your company derived from the application of NOM 035, the work environment within your company will improve and in turn employees will work harmoniously.

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Implementing NOM 035 in your company or organization using Smart 035 is very fast, since it is not necessary for your employees to answer the surveys with paper and pencil, they will be able to access the surveys from their mobile devices wherever they are.

Free accounts have limitations in functionality, but they will allow you to get to know our system better. With this free account you will be able to carry out 3 NOM 035 surveys using Smart 035.

Free nom 035 stps software

First of all, do you know the nom-035? This is the official Mexican standard that has as its main objective the prevention of psychosocial risks, violence, as well as the promotion of favorable environments in the workplace.

Sesame is a human resources software that can help you comply with nom-035 in an effective and simple way. In addition, it is also an excellent ally for remote work known as home office, which has become more frequent in these times of contingency and which, of course, is not exempt from compliance with this standard.

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We can understand by workloads the work demands that are assigned to workers; they can be of different types, for example: physical, cognitive, emotional, responsibilities, etc.

Standard 035 establishes that, when working conditions permit, workers should be given the opportunity to define their work schedules jointly with their employers. In this sense, through Sesame it is possible to set and modify the working hours of each employee using editable shift templates.

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