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We start, as we usually do, with what is probably the most popular of our selection, since it is a title that was already a classic among PC games: Worms. We have chosen to highlight the third installment, but in fact any of the games in the saga can be a good choice. For those who still do not know it, the game mechanics is easy to summarize: we will manage a team of worms that faces another team in a subway battle with the help of weapons as fun as destructive, which is one of its main charms.

We finish with this extra title of which, as we anticipated, first of all it must be said that it is quite expensive to be a game for mobile devices: its price right now is 10 euros, but usually is around 15 euros. That said, if we decide to pay that high price, we find a game cared to the smallest detail and with the guarantee that always involves the 2K seal, in which we can develop our own empire and promote their dominance through the ages. It also has a game mode of quick games in which we can test our strategic ability in recreations of historical battles.

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the battle of polytopia

Multiplayer video games are those that have any game mode that allows the interaction of two or more players at the same time, either physically on the same console, on 2 or more laptops (including cell phones) through cables or wireless connection, or through online services or other types of network with people connected to it. This modality is usually real-time or turn-based.[1] Multiplayer games include multiplayer games.

Among the multiplayer games there are several types, starting with the conventional ones that are adaptations of games with an already defined theme such as: Need For Speed, Quake, Half Life, Soldier of Fortune, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Far Cry, Halo, etc. While others are released only for online play or with bots (computer controlled players) such as: Quake 3 (the first one), Counter Strike, Ricochet, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, etc.

Hot seat (literally «hot seat») this mode is used in turn-based video games, where several players play one turn each on the same support (e.g. Silent Storm). The name «hot seat» started as a reference when a player of a personal computer game exchanged the seat with another player every time the player died.

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SteamWorld Heist is a curious turn-based strategy videogame in two dimensions. Set in a steampunk world, in Image & Form’s title we will enjoy an agile tactical system that rewards the exploration of its intricate levels and the customization of our own heroes.

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Crusader Kings III is a turn-based medieval strategy videogame developed by Paradox for PC, offering us a new look at the Crusader King saga and allowing us to embody noble houses from the kingdoms of Iceland to India, passing through the Arctic Circle and Africa. In this new installment it will be very important to know the secrets of the court to create our own path to the throne. The ways to get it can be as dishonest as we want: from seduction to blackmail, including murder, of course.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is the sixth part of the acclaimed turn-based strategy series Civilization, which returns once again to challenge us to build the most powerful civilization on Earth and either wipe out the others or get to Alpha Centauri first. The great novelty of this sixth part is the presence of districts, areas surrounding the city that we will be able to configure.

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Strategy video games can be mainly divided into real-time and turn-based. Today we focus especially on turn-based strategy (TBS) games for PC because they offer very demanding combats. They differ from the others because the player can perform actions for a certain amount of time. This can be defined by movement points, so the player can move around the stage, attack or defend, among other things. What are the best turn-based strategy (TBS) games for PC?

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Turn-based strategy is based on classic board games such as chess or checkers, where each player has a turn to move his pieces. Similarly, turn-based strategy games seek to recreate round-robin battles in limited space scenarios. They are also known as TBS (turn-based strategy) and their mechanics are focused on very tactical combats. Therefore, it is easy to find this system in role-playing games, card games and other genres.

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