What is the deep web

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In simple terms, the Deep Web is just another «level» of the Internet. Residing below the «surface,» it is the deepest level of the Internet (although there is the Dark web which is the deepest within the Deep Web).

Working in conjunction with investigative reporters, these individuals can communicate secret and classified information to the media to expose corruption under minimal protection.

Citizens living in countries ruled by oppressive regimes often do not have immediate access to critical news, information and data related to the health and sustainability of society as a whole.

The Deep Web offers members of society living under oppressive political regimes a relatively safe way to obtain information crucial to their own needs, in addition to exporting it out of the country.

Activities such as those listed below are common on the Deep Web, with membership comprised primarily of knowledgeable Internet users who are well versed in how to access and what the Deep Web is for.

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5. TOR was not created to protect criminals: TOR is an access kit created in 2003 by the US Naval Research Laboratory. In 2005 it became part of a non-profit foundation dedicated to research and education. TOR was created to ensure anonymity and privacy for people persecuted by dictatorial regimes.

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Once the parts of the Internet are known, it is important to be responsible and thoughtful when surfing any site. To this end, it is important to keep in mind that conduct in the virtual world should be just as civil and respectful as in the physical world.


The Internet has no borders. The web is much bigger than you might think, but through conventional means you can only access 10% of the information. The other 90% of the content is in the Deep Web, also known as the Deep Internet, the digital repository of all the things your mind can’t even imagine.

When we refer to things that break the law, we go to the worst that can exist in the world. Things range from drug trafficking to the purchase of murder, as well as the sale of human beings to child pornography. The Deep Web is where the most nefarious things on the net are and what almost no one would want to find.

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The first thing you should do is contact a VPN service. This application will allow you to change your IP and send it to a connection in another country, so this is one of the main locks that can define your future in the Deep Web.

Now, once you have done the above, you have to download a browser named TOR, which stands for ‘The Onion Router’. As it says, ‘Onion’ means onion in English and this program receives this pseudonym due to the representation of the onion layers as a blocking shield as long as someone tries to detect your IP.

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If you want to buy weapons, medicines, drugs or hire hitmen or hackers, in the Dark Web you will find all this and much more. It is in the Dark Web where everything on the Internet that should not be online because it is against the laws of dozens of countries around the world. For this reason, its access is more complicated and is based on darknets that, in many occasions, require previous invitation. However, the Deep Web is not as exotic as it is portrayed.

The problem we usually encounter is the fine line between the Deep Web and the Dark Web. Part of what we consider the Deep Web seeks anonymity and privacy to avoid censorship or persecution by dictatorial or undemocratic governments. Therefore, through Tor you will find out how to enter the Deep Web but also the Dark Web.

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On the other hand, a certain percentage of the Deep Web is only accessible using Tor-compatible browsers, such as Tor Browser, based on Firefox, or Brave, which integrates Tor. These browsers can be used to access both the traditional web and Tor’s .onion links.

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