100000 bits en euros

100000 bits twitch to dollars

Twitch, the world’s largest streaming platform, has many ways for viewers to support the streamer. One of them are bits, and in this article we tell you what they are, how much they cost and how they work.

Bits are basically the currency used on Twitch so that viewers can give money to content creators, some of whom have millions of followers.

For every bit you give to the streamer they will get one cent, so 100 bits would be 1 euro. As you may have deduced, the extra part you pay is what the platform keeps (i.e. for every 100 bits, 1 euro goes to the streamer and 53 cents goes to the platform).

If in addition to the subscription you want to support the streamer in another way, bits are a VERY good way. Of course you also have the direct donations provided by platforms like Streamlabs, but some content creators do not have them activated.

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How much is 100 bits on twitch

It is very likely that many people do not know what Twitch is and much less what we mean when we talk about Cheers or Bits. But many others know perfectly well what we are talking about and how easy it is to earn some money with the Twitch platform. And below we will explain what are Cheers and Bits on Twitch? How much are 1000 Bits on Twitch in euros and dollars?

As you may already know Twitch is a very famous platform in the United States and Europe that became owned by Amazon in 2014. And it currently has millions of users in the world. And these are attracted by the stunning games that are played live directly from the personal computer or from the streamers’ console.

This page has been filled with glory with the presentation of live events where 600 thousand people connected simultaneously. This in order to view Tyler Ninja Blevins’ live broadcast. But one of its most outstanding achievements is to be able to implement a payment system and this in order to sustain the service and this also helps the so-called streamers.

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Bits de twitch a euros

PreguntaHola! Quiero donar algunos bits al stream de mi amigo y aprovechar los bits extra con el cheermote BleedPurple que se consigue esta semana. Estaba pensando en 1000 bits (+100) que son 11,27 euros. Ahora bien, soy consciente de que 100 bits son 1 dólar estadounidense, pero me pregunto si 100 bits también valen 1 euro o si sólo son 0,89 euros (es decir, 1 dólar estadounidense convertido a euros). Sería un buen negocio si mi amigo pudiera conseguir los 11 euros completos. Gracias! 9 comentarioscompartirinformar75% UpvotedEste hilo está archivadoNo se pueden publicar nuevos comentarios ni emitir votosOrdenar por: mejor

100000 twitch bits

The second most used method is to send a certain amount of Bits through the platform’s own system, called Cheers. Here users can make all kinds of payments at the time they want while the broadcast is being carried out.

This is a visual method (it is seen by all users who are connected to the live stream) and also interactive, since the streamer can thank us live for the donation. Many streamers generate a personalized animation when someone makes a Cheers.

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To offer Bits there are two methods available. The first option is to click the button to send Bits in the same place where you type in the streamer’s channel, specifically next to the emojis. Another method is to type ‘cheer’ followed by the amount we want to offer.

You can currently buy 100 Bits for 1.53 euros, and up to the amount of 25,000 Bits in case you can afford to spend 330 euros instantly. Below, we offer the various offers that Twitch offers its users.

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