Guia trofeos need for speed payback

100 need for speed payback tokens

When you finish the story, get a large part of collectibles and have obtained 3 stars in all activities, you can probably find yourself between levels 30 and 40.

To see the visual improvements that we have in our car, we will enter the garage and choose any of the cars, check that they have all the improvements, to get all the improvements required for this trophy:

You must beat the time of one of your friends of those who appear to you in the autolog list where it will show the times / scores of the people on your PSN friends list before each race.

In most speed checks you have to reach 160 – 220 mph (between 258 – 355 km/h ) to get 3 stars, that’s why I recommend the Koenigsegg Regera and upgrade it to the max to make this task much easier.

For cars in this aspect is very relative as it depends on which one you are more comfortable with, but you can use a Nissan or Mazda specialized for drifting and improve it with this type of improvements.

Need for speed payback guide

Among all the games that have come out of the Need for Speed franchise is Need for Speed: Payback, a game that was released in November 2017 by the hand of Electronic Arts. We could say that today the mechanics have little or nothing to do with those that had the games of the saga that came out in the 90s, leaving aside that they are all racing games.

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Need for Speed: Payback is set in Fortune Valley. At one time your team decided to split up, but now you have decided to unite again in order to seek revenge. In Fortune Valley there is a criminal organization, The House, which is dedicated to controlling all the casinos in the area. As if that were not enough, this organization also has the police on its payroll. In addition, it also controls the criminals. In short, it is a very corrupt place.

In the game developed by Ghost Games there are all kinds of events: missions, races and challenges. Your mission is to compete to finish first and gain respect. As for cars, you can find abandoned vehicles all over the world. As in other installments of the saga you have to modify the cars to make them much more powerful. This is essential if you want to opt for the first place.

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There are no missable trophies, although there are collectibles, which are collecting 100 casino chips along the map and destroying 30 posters. It is not recommended that you get into it from the start, but I do advise that when you see something, do it or pick it up to save you time later.

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Once you finish the game, you will barely be level 19-24 in reputation, but at least in my case when I got the rest of the trophies in the way indicated above, I finished with level 48, so there is not much of a problem.

To level up, the fastest is to take short races as it is what gives more reputation, in 3-4 races we will go up a level with the car at high level. It is not worth to get the REP in any other way than races at the end because the rest do not give hardly anything.

These cars start at level 100 and it can be a bit heavy to raise them, but they have the advantage of being the best customizable, and also when you reach level 300 you can make what is called “superversions” that are very cool.

All the trophies need for speed payback

24 Oct 2017 – 12:00h We review in full the list of achievements and trophies that will be available in Need for Speed Payback on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as well as their respective value on Origin (PC). The new title of the popular video game saga will be available from November 10.

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Since Microsoft introduced the system of achievements and rewards on Xbox 360, they have become an element of every video game that hits the market. It is always interesting to know what challenges we will have to overcome in order to unlock each of the achievements or trophies, as they are known on PlayStation. For many players, the sound of the achievements being unlocked is just as satisfying as overcoming each level or mission.

Regardless of whether you’re a more competitive or casual gamer, below you can see the full list of Need for Speed Payback achievements and trophies. Included is the Xbox gamer score, trophy type and their value on Origin. Let’s remember that it will be available in all stores and digital bazaars from November 10. It will be playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (through Electronic Arts’ Origin platform).

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