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There are guides for almost anything but reading questions you realize that people usually build characters choosing things that look nice without knowing that they are not ideal for their way of playing and end up getting stuck in higher difficulties.

I decided to explain clearly the whole process of character creation and what is necessary to plan a build, the key is to plan what we will do before playing and you will see that if we start with a well thought character the rest becomes much more entertaining.

When we press new game we choose a difficulty mode: Low, Medium, High, and Path of the Damned, which we can play in Expert Mode and Iron Proof. The game explains it in simple language but we need to know something more to understand what we are getting into.

Path of the Damned, besides increasing the amount of enemies, increases almost all their stats. If you don’t know the game, this will be frustrating. For starters, builds for common difficulties here are useless, temporary skills become less valuable than passive ones since the confrontations last twice as long, tanking builds are also useless since there are so many enemies that outnumber the tank in horde, and critical based builds fail too many times, PotD is for those who already know every corner of Eora and will become the whole group of adventurers with bulletproof builds. Never for beginners!

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Pillars guide

If you want to have facillidades when playing Pillars of Eternity 2, do not miss this guide to the game because we bring you all the tricks and curiosities with the console commands of the title.

If you are playing Pillars of Eternity 2, you may be interested to know that there are a lot of tricks that can make things easier during your games. To use these cheats you need to enter some commands through the game console and we wanted to explain how to do it with this Pillars of Eternity 2 guide. Therefore, below we give you all the tricks with the Pillars of Eternity 2 console commands and curiosities about how to enter them.

To activate the different Pillars of Eternity 2 cheats you need to open the console and then enter the code “iroll20s” followed by the command corresponding to the cheat you want to activate. Here is a list with the commands for all the cheats of Pillars of Eternity 2.

Pillar of eternity definitive edition guide

How to get it: Here comes the second faction you will find in the game: Princes. They will also have side quests to assign you, for this very reason, try to keep them good, so as not to compromise this achievement. Also remember that, as mentioned with the Huana, the quests for the Princes faction will appear in a special entry in your journal;

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How to get it: As in any self-respecting role-playing game, crafting plays a crucial role. Among the various items that you will be able to build, there are also bombs. Create five different types of bombs and the achievement in question will be yours. If you need help with this, check out our Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire crafting guide ..;

How to get it: if we have already focused on bombs in the previous achievement, now it’s the turn of potions. Also achievable through crafting, potions can literally override the course of a fight, going to improve some parameters of your characters, if only for a limited time. Simply create at least five different types of potions and you’re done. If you need help with this, check out our Guide to Creating ;

Pillars of eternity quest guide

A simple question, what class (and race, and why) did you start with? If you play several games, what is your pattern to follow when creating your character? What class do you think is the best for the main character and/or to start the game with?

A simple question, what class (and race, and why) did you start with? If you make several games, what is your pattern to follow when creating your character? What class do you think is the best for the main character and/or to start the game?

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Now, I don’t like god-like characters, I almost always take humans and I don’t give a damn if I’m 18 or 19 at the beginning. So I’ll take a race that I’m comfortable with and I’ll pass on the weirdo just for a little point.

Obviously the culture and the background if it is convenient to benefit you, so I would take a culture that gives me intellect and a background that I consider useful (people usually take mage backgrounds that give lore, but it doesn’t matter because as athleticism and survival are useful in all classes a few points, then I will raise them with the development of the game.

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