Revenge of death adder

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As the buzzsnake tries to escape, the doe repeatedly lunges at it with ferocious bites, and, rolling onto its back, makes the reptile writhe as it tries to gut it, explains Dana Krempels, a biologist at the University of Miami in Florida.

Mother rabbits are very jealous of their babies. Weak, slow, and helpless, newborn rabbits don’t even open their eyes until almost a week after birth, making them an easy dinner for many predators: weasels, rats, cats, and, of course, snakes, to name a few.

If you look closely, at the beginning of the video you hear a slightly squeaky noise: “It’s the baby that was left alive making an alarm call,” Krempels explains, and when the mother hears the cry, she comes to collect the bill.

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Undoubtedly, the legend of the Tragantía has become the most deeply rooted myth in the town of Cazorla (Jaén) and its region. A legend that has been passed down from parents to children and that intermingles notes of history with others more typical of magical rituals. The events to which it refers date back to the presence of the Arabs in the province of Jaén.

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It was then when the governor of Cazorla, whose name has not arrived today and who is popularly known as “the Moorish king” ordered to vacate the city to protect its inhabitants. The people went to Quesada, with the objective of resisting the hard siege that was coming.

The city was deserted and in the castle the troops were waiting for the fight, together with the king and his daughter, a beautiful young woman who refused to leave her father alone. To protect her and without anyone knowing it, the king agreed to lock her up in the secret dungeons of the castle, leaving her enough food until the time of her release, once the fighting was over.

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TOP 10 movies tagged snakebite: Poisoned (2005), Heroes in Hell (2017), Rattlesnake (2019), Deadly Venom (2001), Hisss (2010), Killer Snakes (2008), Warrior Wolves (1989), Deadly Bite (1989), Frogs (1972), Death by Spasms (1983).

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In the murky swamps of South Louisiana, a group of teenagers try to investigate the truth about the death of a friend. But what they find there is a demonic force more terrible than anyone could ever imagine. Now …

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Mutant snakes that survive from a terrorist attack in a laboratory escape and make their way to the town of Santa Mira Springs, California. People bitten by these snakes can easily transmit a deadly virus.

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common death adder

A death adder can go from an attack position, bite and poison its prey, and return to its attack position again, in as little as 0.13 seconds, literally in the blink of an eye.

Death vipers inject on average 40-100 mg (milligrams) of extremely toxic venom (LD50 0.4-0.5 mg/kg murine subcutaneous) with one bite. This makes the untreated bite of vipers one of the most dangerous in the world (ranked in the top 10 on the CSL list).

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A bite causes paralysis. Although this paralysis is mild at first, it can cause death from complete respiratory arrest in as little as six hours. Peak symptoms occur at 24-48 hours.

Symptoms of envenomation can be reversed by use of Death Adder antivenom, or by using anticholinesterases, which break the synaptic blockade making acetylcholine more available to the parasympathetic nervous system, thus mitigating the effects of the venom.

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