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shadow of the tomb raider pc analysis

The most famous archaeologist of the video game world adds this 2018 the third installment of its saga ‘reboot’ started in 2013 and continued in 2015 with Rise of the Tomb Raider (trilogy of the survivor). It responds to the name of Shadow of the Tomb Raider and represents the final point to the origin story of Lara with a truly remarkable action-adventure game and a Lara Croft more on the edge than ever.

Highly customizableThe Shadow of the Tomb Raider options allow you to adjust things like difficulty separately for parameters such as combat, puzzles and exploration; but also if you want the bad guys to speak in their native language or the one your game platform is configured in, among others.

Resourceful villainsAfter what Trinity did to Lara’s father, Lara swears revenge on the organization in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. But Trinity doesn’t seem to have trouble defending itself: did you know that they have an absurd amount of monetary resources? In the previous game, you can hear the mercenaries talking to each other about how well they are paid, for example.

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With that, I’m left with the impression that Eidos took a largely “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach to Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s gameplay, for the most part staying true to the various mechanics presented in the first two titles. This can be seen from two very different points. On the one hand as a good thing since the first two games are titles that stood out for their mechanics; but on the other hand, as something negative since it also comes to feel like more of the same.

That said, it is also important to clarify that the same Eidos team has influenced Shadow of the Tomb Raider with their own personal touch. It’s precisely those details that try to keep things fresh in a title that, at times, feels like DLC we’ve already seen and known since 2013.

There are three main styles of gameplay that make up Shadow of the Tomb Raider’s gameplay: combat, exploration and puzzles. The game has different difficulty settings for each of these sections of the game, meaning you can choose to play with combat on Easy, exploration on Normal, and puzzles on Hard, if you so choose. I thought this was great because it makes the game more accessible to different types of players.

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In terms of content, Lara stars in an adventure for adults. It has evolved in its style of gameplay to offer a dark and frantic title that abandons the more adolescent style of the first installments. We miss that explorer Lara that solved all kinds of puzzles and, very occasionally, shot four times.

More Lara Croft, more Tomb Raider. The new adventure of the most famous heroine of video games arrives. In addition, with a darker tone, it takes us to the deepest jungle. This is the analysis of Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

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It’s true that there are ups and downs, because some of the villagers we mentioned earlier show the same listlessness in their modeling as in what amounts to dialogue and because it’s not the same running away from a massive mudslide as crawling through the umpteenth poorly lit cave, but with very few exceptions even the most mundane moments of the game are bordering on outstanding. When they blow it up, and this can happen just as easily in a massive set piece involving explosions and assault helicopters as it does watching a cloud of particles floating in the light through an old stained glass window, it’s easy to forget that this is a multiplatform title. I don’t want to make absurd comparisons with some big-name exclusives, but I do want to assure you that Shadow of the Tomb Raider can go head-to-head with anyone in technical terms, and that anyone who is thinking about the issue of 4K has another good reason to break the piggy bank. That, and send an affectionate greeting to the guys in the textures department of stones. You should sleep soundly after a job well done like this.

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