Spider-man: web of shadows

Spiderman el reino de las sombras requisitos

Spiderman: el reino de las sombras es un videojuego de acción y aventura de 2008 basado en el personaje de Marvel Comics Spiderman. El juego salió a la venta en octubre de 2008 en múltiples plataformas, y abarca tres versiones drásticamente diferentes: una lanzada para Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Wii y Xbox 360, que presenta un mundo abierto y una jugabilidad no lineal; otra para PlayStation 2 y PlayStation Portable (titulada Spider-Man: Web of Shadows – The Amazing Allies Edition), que es un beat ‘em up de desplazamiento lateral en 2,5D; y otra para Nintendo DS, un beat ‘em up de estilo metroidvania. Las tres versiones tienen varios elementos comunes, como las decisiones morales que alteran la narrativa, la posibilidad de invocar aliados durante los combates y un argumento similar, a pesar de que los personajes son diferentes. El argumento de Web of Shadows es mucho más oscuro que el de la mayoría de los juegos anteriores de Spider-Man, ya que gira en torno a una invasión de simbiontes que amenaza Manhattan, y que Spider-Man debe detener con la ayuda de varios aliados improbables.

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Best ps2 spiderman games

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The amazing spider-man

On this occasion, without a movie to serve as a base for the development of the game, the services of Brian Reed, who already worked on the Ultimate Spider-Man game and who is currently in charge of the Ms. Marvel scripts among other titles (very soon Secret Invasion: Spider-Man), have been required to elaborate an original story. Although, while it is true that a New York invaded by symbiotes had already been seen in Planet of Symbiotes or, more recently, in the New Spider-Man…

Participate in the forum of this gameIf you’re an out of series or a crack with «Spider-Man: Reign of Shadows» PlayStation 3, or simply want to exchange your tricks, guides or questions about this game, do not hesitate, stop by its forum.

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Spider-man: friend or foe

Outside the rendezvous point, Spider-Man discovers high-tech assassins on top of nearby buildings. After defeating them, the assassins’ tracks lead him to Kingpin. After a few encounters with the Black Cat, Moon Knight, Vulture, and Kingpin’s gang, Spider-Man and Kingpin’s henchmen are attacked by symbiotically controlled New York citizens. The police soon arrive and Spider-Man is seen throwing controlled people off a building and is deemed a murderer.

Asking Moon Knight to take him to the Helicarrier, Spider-Man sets bombs to destroy the ship, but is attacked by a giant five-headed version of Venom. Spider-Man is able to destroy four of the heads, and asks Brock to try to assist in destroying the symbiotes. Realizing the destruction he has caused by the Venom symbiote, Brock sacrifices himself. The symbiote monster is weakened, and the Helitransport explodes. Based on the player’s actions during the game, «Web of Shadows» concludes with one of four possible endings. If the player has made a majority of red suit choices, Spider-Man narrates his victory on top of a building before climbing away with Mary Jane. If the player has made more red choices than black, he calls Mary Jane to try to apologize for his actions during the invasion. If the player has chosen more black options than red, Spider-Man leads the symbiote conquest of Manhattan and is hunted by Wolverine, who has teamed up with another symbiote. If the player has chosen most black options, the ending is modified to show a symbiote-controlled Black Cat at his side during the invasion.

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