The house of the dead: overkill

burnout at work

Although Mina’s death was defined as a “work-related accident” in 2012, Watanabe refused to apologize or meet with the victim’s parents until he agreed last December to pay them 130 million yen (about 970,000 euros) and admit responsibility.

Local law allows unlimited overtime if there is an agreement between the company and the employees, and in a country where devotion to work is almost a cult, it seems logical to many.

The labor excesses of Japanese firms are not justified by a shortage of jobs. On the contrary, official figures show that there are as many as 1.28 jobs for every person seeking to enter the labor market.

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His case forced Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to address the work culture that often leads workers to work long hours to get their dedication noticed, even though it has not been proven to increase productivity.

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Sado was a political correspondent and covered the Tokyo metropolitan assembly and upper house of parliament elections between June and July 2013. He died three days after the parliamentary elections.

Masahiko Yamauchi, a senior official in NHK’s news department, admitted that Sado’s death reflects a “problem for the whole organization, including the labor system and how elections are covered.”

death due to overwork

Japanese authorities had concluded in 2014 that Miwa Sado’s death was due to excessive overtime. She had had only two days off in the month leading up to her death. She was found dead in her bed in July 2013 with her cell phone in one hand.

In Sado’s case, she had been assigned to cover the Tokyo city assembly elections in June 2013, followed in July by the Senate elections. The young woman died three days after those polls.

“We are sorry to have lost an excellent journalist and take very seriously the fact that the link between her death and the job was found,” NHK President Ryoichi Ueda said for his part. “We will continue to work for reform, with the help of his parents,” he added.

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The construction company employee, who had started working at the Tokyo Olympic stadium in December, had accumulated 200 hours of overtime in the month before his body was found in April. They also found a note in which he claimed to have “exceeded his physical and mental limit”.

deaths due to overwork

Some psychologists have shown interest in finding out the mechanism of the world of work. With work, people not only get their paycheck but also strive to achieve their personal goals.

There are many factors that contribute to workers being at ease in their work.    One important aspect is the balance between work and salary. Insufficient wages de-motivate the worker. The level of employee motivation tends to increase when their achievements are recognized, when they begin to take on more responsibility and when they see that they can have good job prospects such as a promotion.

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It is also essential for success in the company that managers are able to motivate their employees to achieve specific goals. Studies show that what makes a good boss is not their personality, but their ability to react to a variety of situations. Treating employees fairly reinforces their commitment to the company.

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