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5 video effects you should know how to create

In this tutorial, we will see how to create a reusable lower thirds template. To do this, we’ll build the lower thirds in After Effects and export it as a motion graphics template. From there, we can customize and use the template in Premiere Pro.

Now, we need our background layer to reveal the text when it slides. To do this, we need to create a Matte of our background layer. Duplicate the original background layer and move the second copy above the text layer. Name the second copy Text Matte. Then, set the Track Matte For Text layer to Track Matte Alpha.

Unlink the Scale value on the Text Matte layer, then Parent the scale to the scale on the original background layer. The Scale value on the Text Matte layer will turn red after it has been linked to the Scale on the Background layer.

Finally, apply a Fill effect to the Text Layer and the original Background layer. This will allow us to change the color of each of these later. You can set them to whatever color you want to start with.

filmora 9: titles and text – basic editing

The mouth is the focal point of the face. The lips and the periorbuccal area are continuously exposed to deterioration, due to the sun or wind, but also because you use them every day when talking, laughing or kissing.

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Hyaluronic Acid is a substance produced naturally by the human body and is mainly present in the skin with the function of retaining water, providing hydration and volume. With the passage of time and the aging process, this substance degrades and the body’s ability to replenish it decreases. The result is loss of volume and the appearance of wrinkles.

IT WORKS, with this treatment you will obtain a natural look, which will not affect the expression of your face. As it is a reabsorbable gel, the result is not permanent, which allows you greater control of your image.

Hyaluronic acid is applied under aseptic conditions, in the office. Sometimes in 2 or 3 sessions so that normal life can be carried out immediately and the result can be calibrated.

relleno facial tercio inferior – la silueta

Emerging Sources Citation Index (WoS, Clarivate), PubMed/Medlinee, IME, Embase/Excerpta Medica, Embase, Toxline, Cab Abstracts, Cab Health, Cancerlit NIm, Serline: Biomed, Bibliomed, Pascal, Scopus , IBECS

La inyección de toxina botulínica es actualmente el procedimiento cosmético más común en los Estados Unidos, y en los últimos años se ha convertido -junto con los rellenos dérmicos- en el pilar de la terapia para la prevención y el tratamiento del envejecimiento facial. Sin embargo, en algunos casos el tratamiento puede dar lugar a un aspecto poco natural, generalmente causado por la pérdida de expresión facial u otros signos reveladores. En el presente artículo, repasamos los 10 errores que deben evitarse al inyectar toxina botulínica. También reflexionamos sobre cómo el tratamiento con toxina botulínica nos influye a través de nuestras expresiones faciales, tanto en lo que sentimos como en lo que perciben los demás.

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El punto 2 muestra el punto de inyección que puede dar lugar a cejas de Mefisto. El punto 3 es el punto de inyección para elevar la cola de la ceja y en algunos pacientes puede elevar de forma excesiva la ceja. El punto 4 indica el punto de inyección que puede relajar el frontalis y en determinados pacientes puede producir una ptosis de los párpados. El punto 5 es el punto de inyección que puede relajar el orbicular de los ojos y producir un aumento de las bolsas del paciente.

lower third animation after effects

Varicose pathology is a medical problem, since it causes a definite and annoying clinical symptomatology, an aesthetic problem since it implies a loss of body harmony in the legs, and also a socioeconomic problem due to its high occupational and social repercussion in any country.

Among the former are thrombophlebitis and varicorragia or venous rupture.  Thrombophlebitis is the formation of a clot in a varicose vein. The course is usually benign when treated early, but has a risk of progression to the deep venous system of 11-15%, with a consequent risk of pulmonary embolism. Symptoms begin acutely, with pain along the indurated venous cord.

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Dr. M.V. Arcediano, an angiologist at the Sala Planell Institute of Angiology and Vascular Surgery, specializes in thrombosis. From her point of view, the main emphasis should be placed on prevention.

Studies carried out in France show that between 10 and 20% of sural thromboses (located below the knee) are complicated by an embolism if they are not treated.  50% of proximal thromboses (at the level of the thigh and hip) are complicated by pulmonary embolism if they are not adequately treated. Moreover, we know that inadequate anticoagulant treatment without a personalized follow-up of the patient has a risk of recurrence of 50%.

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