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Then you will find a source of visa, a teleporter to return to the cells and a source of magic. You can take advantage, if you want, to go to look for items that you are missing in previous areas. Just before reaching the teleport, you have at the top of the corridor a bestiary token. Use the double jump to reach it.

This will end the fight and you will see the final scene where you will discover the tragic end that fate has prepared for Trevor. Gabriel will finally discover that he has a son, and you will see the birth of Alucard.

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We have prepared a complete guide in which we do not intend to gut the plot or tell you what happens to the Belmont lineage, but explain in detail how to get hold of the hundreds of secrets hidden in Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2. We will explain where and how to get all the Gems, the Sacrifice Stacks, the Kleidos and even the art. We even know where the classic rotisserie chicken is hidden… We’ll help you get the Platinum trophy and get the most out of this very long game. And, of course, with videos from our friend GPAP360, a guarantee…

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Climb up the wooden structure to the corridor. You can double jump to the next corridor to get to the sacrifice pile. Go back and go to the other side of the corridor. Going down you will find a journal. Go through the room and move forward for

pieces, so let’s start for example with the one at the top right. Turn it until the black section points to the left, and fit the piece in the lower left corner of the mirror. Now take the

Where we place ourselves will determine which platforms will be available, and where the fireballs will come out. When one of them is going to come out, try not to be on the Luegartieniente’s side, because the ball will hit him and we will have to

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Participate in the forum of this gameIf you are an out of series or a crack with “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow II” Xbox 360, or simply want to exchange your tricks, guides or questions about this game, do not hesitate, stop by its forum.

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While the works for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, Konami attempts to pave the way for its action game by teasing the historical fanbase and anyone who enjoyed the first chapter. A nice full-bodied collection arrives in stores, including the full version of the original episode (with the two highly questionable DLCs Reverie and Resurrection), a demo of the sequel and a code to download a digital copy of Mirror of Fate HD.A great opportunity, if in 2010 you missed out on the excellent action game signed Mercury Steam.

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