Destroy all humans! path of the furon

destroy all humans 2

Crypto returns to collect DNA and, by the way, to take revenge on another Furon who will make his life impossible. To do so, he will have to follow the path of light and unleash his telekinetic powers with the help of a master. Pandemic returns with the retro-futuristic fun that characterizes it.

Crypto returns to collect DNA and, incidentally, to take revenge on another Furon that will make his life impossible. To do so, he will have to follow the path of light and unleash his telekinetic powers with the help of a master. Pandemic returns with the retro-futuristic fun that characterizes it.

Destroy All Humans! was one of those examples, but it was also a model of how to bring a direct and fun game style to our screens. The destructibility of the scenarios, and in general the humor that the proposal exuded, made it worth a niche in the market without the need for innovative mechanics. It was to be expected, therefore, that THQ would get down to work on a sequel for the current generation of platforms.

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THQ Nordic has just celebrated its tenth anniversary by announcing a long list of games, many of which are new installments in established franchises. One of those games is Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed, a remake of the sequel to the original Destroy All Humans! game. Destroy All Humans 2: Reprobed comes as no surprise, considering the success of the 2020 remake of Destroy All Humans! which sold over a million copies. It won’t be long before fans of the franchise take control of Crypto once again, kicking off a wacky, over-the-top sci-fi romp through the 1960s.

Destroy All Humans! went dormant in a somewhat unsatisfying way. In 2008, THQ released Destroy All Humans! Path of the Furon, the fourth game in the series, which was not well received. Soon after, THQ filed for bankruptcy and sold off many of its IPs, including Destroy All Humans! meaning there wasn’t much hope for the franchise to return to form and redeem itself. Everything changed when the former Nordic Games – now THQ Nordic, having acquired THQ – bought back the Destroy All Humans! IP and remade the first game. Suddenly, a long lost franchise was back in the spotlight.

destroy all humans

In a glorious battle to save the Furon Empire, Crypto must embark on an adventure of destruction and enlightenment to face his greatest enemies. Destroy All Humans! The Way of the Furon Straight’ brings back the irreverent humor and sci-fi action of the previous installments.

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You will have at your disposal weapons with unpronounceable names, mysterious mental abilities and devastating UFO attacks to cause chaos among humans. Explore five gigantic worlds with total freedom to discover the insidious plot against Crypto and Pox. The Path of Straight Furon awaits you.


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